Do not 'rely on new rules'

New intestacy legacies rules should not be relied on, an expert claims.

Matthew Cox from Skipton Financial Services says the rules that came in on February 1st increased the amount of money that partners will receive in inheritance should their spouse die without writing a will.

However, Mr Cox claims that these changes should not be used as a safety net and an excuse not to write a will.

Those who choose to write a DIY will could save both time and money, so the excuse that they are troublesome and costly also may not be used.

He says that the last thing many would want is their "hard-earned estate passing to people they would not choose to leave it to".

"It is still vitally important to ensure your wishes are met on death and a will is the only way to give you peace of mind and achieve this," he told

Written by Rachel Crook

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Published on: February 26, 2009

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