More than two in three 'have no will'

A survey of 250 people has revealed that 72 per cent have not got round to writing a will.

However, this cannot be attributed to ignorance of the dangers of not writing a will because 83 per cent said that they know it is an essential provision.

One of the main reasons for respondents not writing a will was the perceived cost and a lack of free time.

However, those who write an Online Will may find that they save both time and money.

The research by Clough & Willis comes on the back of new rules on intestacy, which took effect from the beginning of the month.

Now it could be more important than ever for co-habiting partners to make a will because they are completely disregarded from the revision.

According to independent financial advisors Calculis, the idea of a common law marriage is a myth.

"There is no such thing as common law marriages, it's just a term and it's not legally accepted. Whilst it might seem unfair that's how it is," says Alex Pegley, the company's director.

Written by Christopher Evans

Published on: February 4, 2009

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