Making a will is 'not morbid'

It has been claimed that it is not melancholic to be concerned about what will happen to your belongings after your death.

For terminally ill people in particular, talking about death and the process of dying is reportedly an important part of acceptance and dealing with the situation.

Writing a will is a thoughtful way of making things easier for your loved ones after your death, according to broadcaster STV, which claims that the process is far less expensive and difficult than people think.

This could particularly be the case for people who make a DIY will.

"It may help to clear your mind knowing that your affairs are in order thus lessening the burden for people after your death," the broadcaster adds.

The policy manager at Macmillan Cancer Support has claimed that a lot of people are "dying without even having their wishes recorded" and it is important to start end of life discussions with terminally ill patients early.

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Published on: January 21, 2009

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