'Anyone' can draw up a will

It has been claimed that everyone should write a will, even if they don't have millions stashed away in safety deposits or a Picasso in the drawing room.

According to the Guardian, "affordable will-writing services" are available online for people to ensure that their dying wishes are made clear and that loved ones and supported charities are cared for and protected.

Those who decide to make a online will just need to have the document "signed and witnessed" and store it in a "safe and officially recognised storage facility".

"People you have mentioned in your will and their spouses cannot be witnesses if you have specifically named them as beneficiaries," the newspaper advises.

Meanwhile, this month Richard Cook, regional chairman of the Society of Will Writers, has urged single parents to ensure that they write a will and appoint a guardian should the worst happen, otherwise their children could become the responsibility of social services.

He adds that single parents usually have less money and time - which means that they may benefit more from saving legal expenses.

Published on: January 16, 2009

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