Popularity of online wills 'increasing'

In an effort to save money more and more people are writing wills without the help of a solicitor, it has been claimed.

According to Fort Worth Business Press, many are now turning to the internet to help them write an online will.

This is because meeting with a professional can be both time consuming and expensive, especially in the current economic downturn.

Brian Liu, an attorney and co-founder and chairman of LegalZoom.com, highlighted the need for people to ensure that they write a will.

"We know that 74 percent of Americans with minor children haven't created a last will and testament and that's really kind of appalling because it's one of the most important legal documents most people ever create," he said.

In related news, any Brits who have decided to move to Italy have been urged by information website Shelter Offshore to make sure that their will is up to date.

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Published on: December 15, 2008

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