Ten tips for writing a will

Too many people are failing to protect their loved ones by not preparing adequately for death and writing a will, according to a law specialist.

Talking to GMTV, lawyer Ambi Sitham gave ten top tips on how and why more people should consider making a will.

Her tips involved appointing executors carefully to ensure that they are willing to be responsible for handling the deceased's estate, as well as appointing a reserve executor as protection.

Ms Sitham also advised people to make specific legacies, to ensure special items go to the beneficiaries they want them to.

Most importantly, Ms Sitham advised people who write a will to ensure that they sign it in front of two independent witnesses, otherwise the will may not be valid.

"Writing your will is essential to ensure that upon your death your assets are distributed as you wish," commented Ms Sitham.

Almost three out of four (74 per cent) of Britons have not made a will, according to a Friends Provident report from earlier this year.

Published on: September 29, 2008

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