Wills 'an essential part' of financial planning

Wills should be seen as an "essential" part of people's financial planning, according to the online resource portal FinancialAdvice.co.uk.

It acknowledges that some people find it embarrassing to talk about wills or feel they are being morbid by bringing up the subject.

But it points out that dying without a will could have serious consequences, not only in terms of the extra costs involved but also in terms of potential family disputes.

"It does seem heartless, it does seem very cold but a will is a necessity if you are going to look after your family, friends and charities," the website states.

"Extra grief in times of death should be avoided as much as possible and the situation addressed without delay," it adds.

Once a will has been drafted and signed it should be stored somewhere safe, preferably in a place not at risk from fire or flood damage, This is Money advises.

Published on: August 6, 2008

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