Pregnant women 'should make a will'

As well as organising their present day finances in preparation for the arrival of their baby, pregnant women should also remember to write a will.

This is the advice of Malcolm Cuthbert, managing director of financial planning at the financial advisory firm Killik & Co, who claims will making should be an important consideration for mothers-to-be.

Writing in the Independent, he said: "It might seem morbid but if you haven't made one already then you certainly should now."

Experts point out that having children makes writing a will more important than ever, not just in terms of preparation for possible complications that could occur during childbirth, but also for future security.

Parents can use a will to appoint a legal guardian to take care of their child should one or both of them die, as well as dictate how and when the child will have access to any assets left behind.

According to figures from Barclays Wealth, 63 per cent of Britons have not yet written a will.

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Published on: August 4, 2008

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