Writing a will early 'is not fatalistic'

Writing a will while you are young and healthy is not fatalistic and simply makes good sense, according to an article in the Scotsman.

Writing for the newspaper, Lianne Lodge says writing a will is very simple, yet statistics show that only half of British adults have done so.

She points out that a will can give you reassurance about your family's future protection by setting out exactly how you want your assets to be distributed on death.

For parents with young children, it will give them peace of mind about who will take care of their offspring and how they should be looked after should the worst happen.

"It is wrong to assume that your family knows what you want to happen, or that it is a simple process of transferring assets. Nor is it fatalistic to decide these things when fit and well - it just makes good sense," writes Ms Lodge.

She says common life events such as getting married, buying property, having children and getting divorced can have an impact on someone's will, so it is important to review it regularly.

Under laws of intestacy, the assets of someone who dies without a will are distributed by the courts and may not transfer to the preferred beneficiaries, which could result in family disputes.

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Published on: July 23, 2008

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