Single mothers 'should make a will'

Single mothers can often be in a difficult situation regarding their estate, but writing a will is absolutely essential, it has been claimed.

While pension and inheritance tax provisions can often be luxuries to low-earning single parents, a will is the most important item, the Guardian claims.

The newspaper explored the trials of being a single mum in England and said that having a will could affect a child's care and financial stability in the event of a death.

Paul Edwards, a solicitor at Smyth Barkham, told the newspaper that children lost "40 per cent of their assets" after the first £320,000 if their single parent dies.

"It's very important if you've got minor children that you appoint a guardian," he explained.

"It's also important to appoint executors," he added.

But a will could also change if a parent decides it is time to re-marry.

A will automatically becomes void if the maker gets married, meaning single parents could leave a mess for their families if they do not have their estate in order.

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Published on: July 9, 2008

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