Writing a will 'does not have to be expensive'

According to the charity Help the Aged it is possible to write a will without having to involve a solicitor and subsequently avoid any expensive legal costs.

Helen Foster, head of wills and legacies at Help the Aged, said the cost of writing a will varies between complexity and the choice of method.

"You can buy a home will writing kit very cheaply and will writers may be cheaper than solicitors," she explained.

According to statistics from Co-operative Legal Services, 72 per cent of Britons are not concerned about writing a will and a third felt too young.

Meanwhile, more than one in ten people don't have a clue how to write a will, with the same number not wanting to make one because of the costly expense of hiring a solicitor.

But Ms Foster warned that writing a will was an important act as it could leave problems if not done correctly.

She said it would be better to pay to ensure a properly drawn-up will, than to leave heirs with a mess.

Published on: July 2, 2008

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