Store your will safely with our Storage Service

Your Will is an important document and needs to be stored securely.

But how do you keep your Will safe, and still get access to it when you need it? You may need to make changes to your Will; for example, to add a new child or grandchild, or if you inherit a sum of money.

Whatever happens, it's always a good idea to review your Will every few years, so your Will needs to be available immediately.

You can store your Will at home - but you risk it being lost or stolen, and it may not remain completely confidential. Storing your Will with a local solicitor or bank could be the answer, but this can be inconvenient and, if you move out of the area, it can be difficult for your executors to find.

But Lawpack 's National Will Storage Service offers you a simple solution, keeping your Will safe at all times with no time limit.

Secure Will storage

Your Will stored securely... returned promptly

Lawpack's National Will Storage Service uses a secure facility designed to store your Will safely, so that it can be easily retrieved and despatched to you within two working days when you need it.

The benefits

Safe, secure and accessible

Safe and secure Will storage is at the heart of Lawpack's Will Storage Service, but there are many other benefits:

Tamperproof precautions

Your Will will be given its own ID number, known only to you and your executor (with your consent). We make rigorous checks to ensure that nobody else can access it during your lifetime, and we guarantee never to open your sealed Will envelope.

Free Will forms and updates

When you want to review your Will, let us know and we'll send it back to you with a new Will form and instructions on filling it in. We'll also send you a bulletin on recent changes to the law that may affect your situation; for example, changes to Inheritance Tax levels.

Keeping executors informed

With your consent, we'll tell your first-named executor where you are storing your Will and make sure that only they can retrieve it after your death.

Charity bequests/legacies

We can tell your chosen charities of bequests or legacies included in your Will. Charities appreciate this service.

Your Will Storage pack

Simply ask for our FREE Will Storage pack by calling us on 020 7394 4040.

For only £12.00 per year we will store your Will, offering security and peace of mind that your last wishes are in safe hands.

With the unique ID number issued to you when we receive your Will, we can retrieve and despatch it within two working days, letting you make any alterations you wish - then just return it to us for re-storage.

Comprehensive guidance notes help you through every step of you storing your Will.

In your Will Storage Pack you will find:

  • Will Storage Envelope - this will never be opened when your Will is in storage and, during your lifetime, your Will will be returned to you and no-one else.

  • Return Envelope - used to send your Will (in its envelope) to us, so we can store your Will safely.

  • Guidance Notes - to help you with the process of you storing your Will.

  • Direct Debit Mandate - to be sent with your Will, allowing payment for the service.

  • Terms and Conditions - for you to keep for future reference.

Keep your Will safe, by simply calling 020 7394 4040 today or email us.

Published on: September 6, 2010

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Store your Will safely and securely with Lawpack for just £12 a year.

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