101 Ways to Pay Less Tax (2019/20)

H M Williams Chartered Certified Accountants

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Full of easy-to-follow tax-avoidance hints and tips on how to reduce your liability, both personally and in your business.

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101 Ways to Pay Less Tax (2019/20):

Pay less tax this year by lowering your tax bill with this book of easy-to-follow "how to avoid tax" hints and tax saving tips from a team of pay-less-tax experts.

This 2019/20 edition of the bestselling 101 Ways to Pay Less Tax provides a wealth of tips to help you save paying tax. Every tax-saving tip is from a team of tax-saving experts at H M Williams Chartered Certified Accountants, a national award winning tax-saving specialist firm of chartered accountants.

The tax-saving tips included in this book are all legitimate ways to help reduce your tax bill - that is, showing you how to avoid tax rather than evade tax. And there's so much you can legally do to reduce your tax bill and pay less tax.

With tax-saving tips relating to:

  • Tax-saving for those with low incomes
  • Even more tax-saving for those with high incomes
  • Pensioners and tax
  • Tax and Employees
  • Business tax and Employers
  • Company cars and tax-saving
  • Business tax: Running a business and avoiding tax
  • National Insurance
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • Inheritance Tax
  • Tax: Overseas aspects
  • Tax saving when someone dies
  • Pensions and avoiding tax 
  • Property Tax
  • Pay less tax: Savings
  • Charitable giving and avoiding tax
  • Tax, Marriage and children

Start to pay less tax NOW with 101 Ways to Pay Less Tax (2019/20).

About the Authors

HM Williams Chartered Certified Accountants are winners of the prestigious Butterworth Tolley Best Tax Team Award. The firm has also been awarded the coveted Daily Telegraph/Energis Customer Service Award in the Professional and Business Services, Small Organisation category. 

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101 Ways to Pay Less Tax (2019/20): Contents

General principles of tax planning

Universal Credit
Working Tax Credits
Child Tax Credits
Use an accountant
Pay tax on time
The fundamentals of tax planning

For those with low incomes

Become a foster carer
The Personal Savings Allowance

For those with high incomes 

Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS)
Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS) 
Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)
Community Investment Tax Relief 
Maximise pension contributions 
Use all your pension allowance 
What income is free from tax? 
Pension contributions and the over 50s

For married couples and civil partners 

Equalise your incomes
Pay your spouse/civil partner to work in your business
Use the transferable tax allowance for married couples and civil partners

For employees 

Claim a flat-rate expense allowance
Professional subscriptions
Claim incidental expenses when travelling on business
Claim expenses against your employment income
Claim for the use of your home as an office 
Submit your Tax Return on time and check your tax code
Join your employer’s pension scheme
When losing your job
Would you pay less tax if you went self-employed?
Moving because of your job?

For employers

Short-term employment contracts
Share schemes
Tax-free benefits you can give to employees
Tax-free loans to employees

Company vehicles

Vans have some tax-saving attractions
Company cars 
The best (and worst) ways of providing company cars 
Claim approved mileage allowance payments for your car
Avoid the fuel tax charge 
Own your own car rather than using your employer’s

For those running their own business

Travelling expenses
Self-employed v.limited companies
Don’t automatically reclaim VAT on fuel 
The flat-rate VAT scheme
National Insurance
Annual Investment Allowance and First-Year Allowances 
The benefit of short-life assets 
Use your business’s losses
Have you claimed for all your business expenses? 
Farmers and averaging
Claiming tax relief on interest 

National Insurance

Get a state pension forecast well before retirement age 
Don’t pay too much National Insurance
Deferral of your state pension
Winter fuel payments

Capital Gains Tax 

Make use of the annual Capital Gains Tax exemption (1)
Make use of the annual Capital Gains Tax exemption (2)
Don’t overlook claiming relief for shares that are now worthless
Entrepreneurs’ Relief 
Assets you can sell without incurring Capital Gains Tax
Enterprise Investment Schemes (EIS)
Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme (SEIS)
Venture Capital Trusts (VCTs)
Other investments with tax advantages
It can be a good idea to crystallise capital gains if there is going to be no tax to pay
Claim Rollover Relief 
Time your sales to defer payment of Capital Gains Tax 
Reduce or eliminate Capital Gains Tax on a second home 

Inheritance Tax 

Check-up to see what your Inheritance Tax is likely to be
What gifts are exempt from Inheritance Tax?
Inheritance Tax business/agricultural property relief 
Changes to the tax-free band

Overseas aspects

Can you save tax by going abroad?

When someone dies

Don’t overpay Inheritance Tax on assets that are sold
Remember to claim full probate costs when someone dies
Capital Gains Tax and Inheritance Tax considerations 
Should I consider a deed of variation? 
Married couples should still consider including discretionary trusts in their Wills


Take out a pension 
Take out a pension even if you are not earning
Maximise your tax-free lump sum entitlement 
Always take independent legal advice 


Rent a room 
VAT and rent 
Have you claimed for all the expenses you can?
Other expenses that landlords can claim but which may be overlooked 
Stamp Duty on buy-to-let properties
Do you and your spouse/civil partner jointly own the property? 

Savings and investments

Individual Savings Accounts (ISAs)
National Savings and Investments (NSI)
Premium Bonds

Charitable giving 

Gift Aid 

Marriage and children 

Give children assets when they are not worth very much 
What are the best investments for children?
Plan separation and divorce carefully

And finally ... 

Free HMRC explanatory publications – a good source of tax information
Tax-planning dos 
Tax-planning don’ts


Template form proving that your spouse/civil partner genuinely works in your business
2019/2020 tax rates and allowances at a glance
2018/2019 tax rates and allowances at a glance
VAT fuel scale charges from 1/5/19 to 30/4/20

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