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197 Landlord Tax Questions Answered

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Get tax-saving tips and tax avoidance hints for buy-to-let landlords and property investors from tax avoidance experts.

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101 Property Tax Secrets Revealed 2013/2014

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101 practical tax-saving tips on reducing your liability for landlords and property investors.

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Property Management Software

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One-touch property accounts for tracking cash flow and rental payments, plus software for generating tenancy forms.

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How to Avoid Landlord Taxes 2015/16

Arthur Weller & Amer Siddiq

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How to Avoid Landlord Taxes: over 100 property tax-saving tips and tax avoidance hints for landlords and investors.

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Edition: 8th
Published: April 2015
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Landlord tax-saving secrets revealed for buy-to-let landlords.

Landlords: don't let your property profits be taken away by the Inland Revenue! How to Avoid Landlord Taxes gives you all the insider property tax-saving tips you need and, in many cases, tells you how you can avoid paying tax altogether.

This new edition has been updated to include all the tax changes in the 2015 Budget, so you can be bang up to date with the latest tax-saving schemes.

In this tax-busting guide property tax specialist Arthur Weller and buy-to-let landlord Amer Siddiq reveal their secrets of how you can save landlord taxes.

This expert guide includes over 100 tax-saving case studies showing you how to...

  • Reduce your landlord capital gains liability
  • Avoid property capital gains tax
  • Avoid paying stamp duty
  • How to jointly own a property 50:50 but split rental income 90:10
  • Reduce your landlord income tax bill
  • Use all the capital gains tax reliefs available
  • Tax breaks for holiday lets
  • Boost your property profits by investing in overseas property
  • Avoid inheritance tax on your main residence
  • Reduce your inheritance tax bill
  • Calculate your landlord capital gains tax liability
  • Calculate your landlord income tax liability
  • Calculate your property development tax liability
  • Use property partnerships to reduce landlord income and capital gains tax bills
  • Offset property related expenditures
  • Use sole property ownership to your advantage
  • Get a landlord's tax-free income of £4,250
  • Avoid capital gains tax by changing your legal residence
  • Increase your property and avoid tax at the same time
  • Save tax by holding your properties in a limited company
  • Reduce your international property tax bills
  • Save tax when investing in commercial property

...And all these property tax-saving tips you can Download Now.

How to Avoid Landlord Taxes proves to any buy-to-let landlord, property investor or would-be landlord that saving taxes is one of the easiest ways to boost your cash flow and property profits.

Download your guide NOW and pay less tax today!

About the Authors

Arthur Weller is a tax specialist who advises other accountants. He is one of the most knowledgeable and respected tax specialists in the country. He is also the lead technical tax specialist and design consultant for 

Amer Siddiq is a UK landlord/property investor who over the last nine years has grown a property portfolio in the northwest of England. He has also brought to market a number of websites to help investors to better manage and grow their property portfolios whilst reducing their taxes - including - which provides property management software for landlords to help them get better organised.

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How to Avoid Landlord Taxes 2015/16: Contents

  1. The importance of tax planning
  2. HMRC Let Property campaign
  3. Understanding your tax liabilities
  4. Income tax liabilities for property investors/traders
  5. Owning properties as a sole trader
  6. Income tax and property partnerships
  7. How to jointly own a property 50:50 but split rental income 90:10
  8. Offsetting interest charges
  9. 10% wear and tear 
  10. 'Wholly and exclusively'
  11. Replacing your fixtures and fittings
  12. Other ways to reduce your income tax bill
  13. Running your property business from home
  14. Tenant deposits: traps and tips
  15. The two ways to calculate your UK property rental income profits
  16. Can a limited company improve your tax position?
  17. How to use a property management company to save income tax
  18. Saving on stamp duty
  19. Tax-free income for renting out part of your home
  20. Generous tax breaks for holiday lets
  21. Tax implications when converting properties into flats
  22. Understanding capital gains tax (CGT)
  23. Private residence relief
  24. The easiest way to legitimately avoid CGT
  25. Increasing property value and avoiding tax
  26. Nominating residence to avoid CGT
  27. Other ways to reduce your CGT bill
  28. Never sell a property means no tax?
  29. Using property partnerships to cut your CGT bill
  30. Advanced strategies for avoiding CGT
  31. Selling the gardens or grounds of your home
  32. Understanding inheritance tax
  33. What is a trust?
  34. Using trusts to minimise income tax
  35. Using trusts to minimise capital gains tax
  36. Using trusts to minimise inheritance tax (part 1)
  37. Using trusts to minimise inheritance tax (part 2)
  38. Trusts minors and IHT
  39. Essential tax advice for international property investors
  40. How to better manage your property taxes
  41. Finding an accountant
  42. A final reminder - the golden tax rules

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