Legal aid cuts lead to rise in DIY divorce

A shake-up of the legal aid system is likely to trigger a rise in people seeking to carry out a DIY Divorce, some experts believe.

The legal aid bill is expected to be reduced from £2 billion to £290 million, which DIY divorce experts Divorce Online believe will leave many couples unable to afford a lawyer.

"So many people will be forced to arrange their own divorce over the internet, which is far quicker and much cheaper than hiring expensive solicitors and spending months going through the courts," explained managing director of Divorce Online Mark Keenan.

He emphasised that where there is an amicable arrangement to be made, this could well be the best course of action for couples to follow.

At present, anyone with disposable assets of less than £8,000 can qualify for legal aid, but the company warns that this could be lowered to around £1,000.

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Published on: July 15, 2011

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