Divorce 'often a last-ditch solution'

Filing for divorce is often the final solution for couples who cannot reconcile their differences.

It is generally the best way of coping with issues that most people come up with, suggested Marion Laird, head of services at Scottish Marriage Care.

She explained: "Usually they have tried and tried, and it is painful and it hurts and they think 'oh well, we'll get a divorce and it'll make life easier'."

Relationship counselling can often go some way in helping couples address their issues and solve some of the problems that may lead them to want to divorce, Ms Laird noted.

In recent days, the Family Justice Review panel recommended that changes should be made to the family legal system in order to make it more transparent and functional.

It also believes that people's experiences of family law as a whole need to be improved.

Published on: April 8, 2011

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