Grandparents may receive access after divorce

New government proposals have been put forward that would see grandparents legally being allowed access to their grandchildren, even if their parents had undergone a divorce.

Author of the report David Norgrove indicated that any change in the law throughout England and Wales would have the interests of the children at its core.

At present, grandparents do not have any contact rights in the event of a divorce, although it has been suggested that the legislative change would "reinforce the importance of a relationship with grandparents".

Furthermore, the report identified that divorcing couples should be able to resolve their differences without the need to go to court, which often has an adverse impact on children.

Last month, proposals to encourage more couples to consider mediation were unveiled by the Ministry of Justice, which also aims to reduce the amount of divorce cases heard in court.

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Published on: March 31, 2011

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