Filing for divorce abroad creates problems

Couples who have found grounds for divorce will find there are all sorts of difficulties that can arise from carrying out proceedings overseas, an expert has pointed out.

International divorce lawyer Henry Brookman explained that even within Europe, divorce laws can vary quite considerably between countries.

He told the Daily Telegraph that in Malta, there is no such thing as divorce, while in Scandinavia both parties are encouraged to carry on with their lives without further contact with each other.

Meanwhile, in some parts of continental Europe, prenuptial agreements are considered legally enforceable in the instance of a divorce, providing neither party was coerced into signing it.

"Countries have very different financial outcomes from divorce. Even if there is no prenuptial agreement, rules can be restrictive," added Mr Brookman.

Jonathan Warner recently acknowledged in a piece for the Law Gazette that Facebook is taking a prominent role in divorce proceedings for many couples.

Published on: March 24, 2011

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