Facebook plays a growing role in divorces

The role of Facebook in divorce proceedings is becoming more prominent for a wide variety of reasons, one expert has pointed out.

Not only does it give people in relationships a means of getting in touch with an old flame, but it also gives each party an insight into the other's indiscretions, Jonathan Warner explained.

Writing for the Law Gazette, he noted that Facebook users tend to make "candid indiscretions" on the social networking site, either providing grounds for divorce, or giving an ex-partner ammunition to use in court.

"Divorcing couples, even those going through a bitter divorce, inexplicably remain Facebook friends," said family law expert Caroline Watson .

"It's as though they don't mind being spied on as long as they can do the same themselves."

Justice minister Jonathan Djanogly recently announced plans to ensure couples consider mediation services before opting to go through divorce proceedings in court.

Published on: March 23, 2011

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