Divorces 'should be kept amicable'

Every effort needs to be made by divorcing couples to keep their split as amicable as possible, a legal expert has said.

Brigitte Clark, senior lecturer in the UEA Law School, indicated that it may be beneficial not to rely too heavily on lawyers when going through a divorce.

This may lead couples to consider mediation, she explained, although this is only likely to work if both individuals are on a level footing.

"If one party is a very dominant party and withholding information from the other one, it can be a bit intimidating for the weaker party, certainly where there is domestic violence involved," Ms Clark said.

However, this process can be effective when courts are best avoided during a divorce, she added, which may be due to financial reasons.

The importance of mediation was recently promoted by the Ministry of Justice, which said that it is a worthy form of dispute resolution, especially in relation to family cases.

Published on: February 4, 2011

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