Couples warned about divorcing abroad

Estranged couples have been warned about where they file for divorce as countries can differ in the law.

Expatriates who move abroad were also advised that those with fewer assets will come out with less in the settlement.

Speaking to the Guardian, Marilyn Stowe from Grahame Stowe Bateson, claimed that many women are coerced into moving abroad by their wealthier husbands.

"It is not unknown for moves abroad to be the central component of a carefully planned campaign to divorce in the most financially advantageous way possible and start a new life with the other party in an extra-marital affair," she said.

She explained that this is usually because men stand to lose more in a divorce under UK law.

This could encourage couples to think about writing a prenuptial agreement before they marry, so that all assets are agreed upon if the marriage does end badly.

However, it could also raise concern for people thinking about a DIY divorce to stay in the country that would benefit them the most.

Posted by Morag Lyall

Published on: June 15, 2010

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