Happier husbands lead to higher divorce rate

Wives who are found to be less happy than their husbands are more likely to end up filing for divorce, new research shows.

A study at Deakin University looked at couples from the UK, Australia and Germany and revealed that couples who had a large 'happiness gap' had a higher risk of divorce.

Aspects that lead to this gap include housework, different social backgrounds and if women have a higher than average income.

Cahit Guven from the university said: "Previous studies have shown that couples who marry with similar levels of schooling, age, country of origin, ethnicity, religion and social background have longer marriages.

"It would appear that time plays a role, so when the happiness gap becomes unfavourable to the wife, the risk of divorce increases."

It was reported in the Guardian recently that when one partner does not care enough for the environment, this can increasingly lead to a grounds for divorce.

Written by Christopher Evans

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Published on: May 21, 2010

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