Woods divorce may be in Sweden to avoid media

The divorce proceedings of Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren could be held in Sweden to escape the global media and keep details of the case under wraps, the Telegraph reported.

Woods' Swedish ex-model wife could be asking for up to $300 million (£200 million) in a settlement.

Court filings are expected to focus on child custody rather than publicise property settlements in the media, avoiding an "ugly" divorce.

The golfer returned to his career this year after causing a mass media scandal in 2009 after it emerged that he had admitted to a string of extra-marital affairs and had a sex addiction.

The story hit the newspapers once he had crashed his car into a tree last November following an argument with Ms Nordegren over his infidelities.

Ms Nordegren, who is also mother to his two children, filed for divorce once Woods had admitted himself into a clinic.

Last February he gave a public apology and admitted to being unfaithful.

Written by Morag Lyall

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Published on: May 17, 2010

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