Recycling disputes 'grounds for divorce'

Couples can now use arguments over their lack of passion for saving the planet as grounds for divorce, one marriage guidance councillor has said.

Speaking to the Guardian, councillor Paula Hall, said: "It used to be things such as not taking your shoes off at the front door [that caused disputes], but now it can be things such as not washing out the tin cans properly or arguing about whether to take a holiday flight or not."

This comes as a survey by Ebico reveals that over 60 per cent of UK households argue over wasting energy.

Much of this is suspected to come down to wasting money rather than saving the planet, as 40 per cent of arguments are caused by leaving the lights on and 27 per cent by having the heating up too high.

However, couples might want to be wary about these disputes as Ms Hall said that she "can see environmental issues becoming dealbreakers in relationships".

If this happens, separated Brits can get a DIY divorce using online legal divorce forms.

Written by Morag Lyall

Published on: May 13, 2010

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