Elin Woods to sign divorce papers

Elin Woods has decided to sign the divorce papers and separate from husband Tiger following the latest revelations about his infidelities.

The golfer is said to have admitted during his treatment for sex addiction that he had flings with 120 different women while he was married.

However, he reportedly left one woman off the list - his 21-year-old neighbour, who he had known since she was 14.

The one-night stand was uncovered during an investigation by National Enquirer and is said to have been the final straw for 30-year-old Elin.

According to the magazine, Tiger slept with the Raychel Coudriet in May last year while Elin took care of their newborn baby.

Earlier this month, a source close to the couple told Fox News column Pop Tarts that Elin was talking to Tiger about divorce on a daily basis.

She now looks set to sign the papers once and for all.

Posted by Christopher Evans

Published on: April 29, 2010

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