Children of divorced parents still hope to marry

Despite what some psychologists may have said, children of divorced parents have not lost their faith in marriage.

This is the conclusion of a survey by More magazine, which revealed that 82 per cent of women whose parents were separated wanted to get married themselves.

Some 78 per cent of those questioned described marriage as the ultimate commitment, putting it above having a baby together and buying a house.

Six out of ten said they thought it was important to marry before having children.

Commenting on the findings, relationships expert Susan Quilliam told the Herald newspaper that they suggest young women today are looking for security.

Married couples enjoy more legal rights than those who are simply cohabiting.

However, marriage is not for everyone, so cohabitors can take a number of steps to protect themselves and their families financially, such as writing a will and drawing up a cohabitation agreement.

Posted by Christopher Evans

Published on: April 22, 2010

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