Legal expert calls for change to divorce law

The chair of the Bar Standards Board has called for a change in the law to deter people from marrying for money.

Baroness Deech told the Times newspaper that she believes assets built up before marriage should be excluded from divorce settlements.

She claimed this would help to tackle lengthy and sometimes bitter divorce battles involving the division of cash and property.

It would also prevent "gold diggers" from marrying rich individuals only to divorce and claim a share of their fortune.

"We have got to change to a system where people can work out without going to court what each side is going to get," she remarked.

Her comments follow a number of high profile celebrity divorce battles, which have involved disputes over assets.

Heather Mills famously tried to claim £125 million in her divorce from Sir Paul McCartney, but the final award was around a fifth of this at £24.3 million.

Posted by Rachel Crook

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Published on: April 22, 2010

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