Thinktank urges divorce law change

The divorce law should be reformed with a three-month period of reflection and counselling before proceedings can start, a new report has urged.

Such a suggestion has come from the Centre for Social Justice, a thinktank set up by former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith.

The idea, which would not apply to cases of domestic violence, is based on a system used in Australia, which Mr Duncan Smith said "is accepted by most as a genuine aid to family stability".

For those who are facing divorce under the current rules and who are not able to rescue their marriage, the next best thing may be to agree an amicable settlement.

Such a process can be achieved without lawyers by using a DIY divorce kit.

Another position adopted by the Centre for Social Justice is to oppose European Union proposals that non-UK citizens living in Britain should have divorce proceedings carried out according to non-British laws.

This would "tear up 200 years of legal precedent", it argued.

Written by Rachel Crook

Published on: July 13, 2009

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