Spencer divorce drags on

The divorce case involving Earl Spencer and ex-wife Caroline is continuing, as today is set to see the final stage with the settlement finally being work out in court.

After three years, the process has continued to take place following the failure of the couple to agree the terms of the split, meaning that a decree nisi could not go through, the Daily Mail reports.

Details such as the disposal of the couple's north London home are among those that may still need to be resolved.

Those seeking to avoid such drawn-out cases can do so by resolving to agree an amicable settlement, for which a DIY divorce kit can not only help set up the arrangements but also save money that would otherwise be spent hiring lawyers.

Earlier this week a divorce dispute led to a man having his passport seized and threatened with jail.

A high court judge told tycoon Scot Young he could end up behind bars if he fails to disclose the whereabouts of his £400 million fortune.

Mr Young had claimed he is penniless and cannot make a payment to his ex-wife.

Written by Rachel Crook

Published on: June 23, 2009

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