Judge in marriage support call

A family division judge has called for a commission to find ways to support marriage and lower divorce rates in the UK.

Mr Justice Coleridge said that the body - which would be drawn across party political lines - should aim to encourage the view that marriage is the "gold standard" of relationships, in order to lessen the amount of suffering children endure from break-ups.

Such a call may encourage legal change in areas such as taxation, which could be relevant for those drawing up prenuptial or cohabitation agreements.

People wishing to make such arrangements can pick up a DIY divorce kit on how to do this.

Legislation aimed at underpinning stable families has been promised by the Conservatives, should they win the general election that must be held within one year.

The party policy statement says: "We will end the couple penalty in the benefits system and recognise marriage in the tax and benefits system."

Written by Christopher Evans

Published on: June 17, 2009

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