Man cross-dresses for divorce hearing

A man turned up in court dressed as a woman for his divorce hearing, arguing that this would get him a better deal.

Paul Cuthbert arrived at the hearing at Taunton crown court wearing a dress, wig and stockings, the Western Morning News reports.

He said he was in dispute with his ex-wife over the value of their home - which is due to be sold at auction - and told the paper the previous court decision to sell the house in this fashion was taken by a female judge in the presence of two female lawyers.

Reflecting on this perceived gender bias, Mr Cuthbert commented: "Maybe somebody will listen to what I have to say as a woman more than they would as a man."

Those whose divorce is less contentious than the Cuthberts' may wish to avoid having to employ lawyers of either gender by doing a DIY divorce.

Recent instances of people taking drastic action over the disposal of a property following a divorce include one woman burning down the house she had shared with her estranged husband to stop him getting any money from its sale.

Deborah Jackson was given a suspended prison sentence at Leicester crown court after torching the property in Oakham, Rutland.

Written by Christopher Evans

Published on: June 2, 2009

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