Peter and Katie 'to have quickie divorce'

Peter Andre and Katie Price could be divorced within weeks after the pair agreed to seek a decree nici, it has been claimed.

The News of the World quoted a source close to Ms Price as saying she accepted the marriage could not be repaired and agreed to the quickie divorce plan, stating: "She now accepts she's never getting Peter back and is ready to move on with her life."

As a result, the paper claimed, the ex-couple could seek to have the process fast-tracked so that rather than taking months, the court hearing to formerly end their marriage could be completed within a few weeks.

Those keen to resolve their own divorce quickly and at minimal cost may wish to pick up a DIY divorce kit to help arrange this.

People who are divorcing can help smooth matters by disentangling their finances.

It is important to come to an agreement on how this is to be done, the Times money section has noted.

Written by Rachel Crook

Published on: June 1, 2009

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