Fiery solution found to divorce settlement

A woman burned down her house in order to stop her ex-husband getting any money from their divorce settlement, a court has heard.

Leicester crown court heard that Deborah Jackson torched the home in Oakham she had shared with her husband in order to prevent him getting £35,000 from the sale of the home in the settlement.

Mrs Jackson carried out the act after Mr Jackson had an affair, admitting: "It's all because of my husband and what he's done to me. I didn't want him to get a penny."

As a result of the blaze they both got no money from the house, while Mrs Jackson received a suspended prison sentence for arson.

Those hoping to proceed more amicably with a divorce may pick up a DIY divorce kit to arrange it without the cost of lawyers.

Among the sort of issues that can be solved between a couple themselves is the issue of the custody of children.

Katie Price and Peter Andre are reported to have flown back to the UK this week to discuss their own custody arrangements.

Written by Rachel Crook

Published on: May 21, 2009

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