New family case reporting laws start

New laws on the reporting of family cases come into effect in the British courts today.

Under these rules, it will be possible for judges to grant more media access to cases, allowing additional information to be released into the public domain.

President of the family division of the High Court Sir Mark Potter was quoted by the Guardian as stating that this will lead to an increase in the exposure of cases such as divorces.

He said: "I do not doubt that there will be more reports than there have been."

Those keen to avoid the potential public exposure of personal details - along with the other additional stresses of a court case - may wish to settle a divorce amicably, which can be done using a DIY divorce kit.

The new rules may lead to more reporting of the details of celebrity divorce cases.

One well-known person facing considerable publicity over his divorce is snooker player Shaun Murphy, whose estranged wife has made threats to serve him papers during one of his matches in the world championships in Sheffield.

Written by Rachel Crook

Published on: April 27, 2009

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