Divorce figures underestimated

The divorce figures stated for Scotland were too low due to a counting blunder, it has been revealed.

Scotland's Registrar General Duncan Macniven has acknowledged that a data error meant that the figures for marriage break-ups last year were understated by more than 2,000.

As a result, the tally of divorces for 2008 has now been corrected to 11,538.

The figures indicate that the problem in Scotland is larger than was previously believed, with more people facing the end of their matrimonial state.

People facing divorce but keen to arrange it amicably and without lawyers can do a DIY divorce.

It was recently revealed that the Starting Over Show, which provides services for those who are divorced or facing divorce, is to be staged in Leicester in June, having made its UK debut in Brighton earlier this year, the Leicester Mercury reported.

Written by Rachel Crook

Published on: April 17, 2009

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