Brighton stages Britain's first divorce fair

DIY divorce packs are one of the services being offered at Britain's first divorce fair, which is talking place in Brighton.

The Starting Over Show is being staged to offer a wide range of services to those whose marriage or civil partnership has broken down.

As well as legal advice and help such as the DIY packs, visitors to the show are being offered everything from reflexology and counselling to marriage ending ceremonies.

The first fair of this kind was staged in 2007 in Vienna and such events could interest some of the 140,000 people in Britain who divorce each year.

Britain's tally of divorces has been tipped to rise due to the strains of the recession by a London-based divorce lawyer.

Vanessa Lloyd Platt told the International Herald Tribune: "A recession either makes couples pull together for better or worse, or the money goes out the door and so does the spouse. I am seeing much more of the latter."

Written by Christopher Evans

Published on: March 16, 2009

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