Recession 'driving up divorce rate'

The recession is causing divorce rates in Britain to rise, experts in the field have stated.

London-based family lawyer Vanessa Lloyd Platt told the International Herald Tribune that the reaction to the financial strain of the downturn has been a predominately negative one.

She said: "A recession either makes couples pull together for better or worse, or the money goes out the door and so does the spouse. I am seeing much more of the latter."

The paper suggested that this means the lawyers are one group who are flourishing during the financial crisis.

People who may be facing divorce and do not wish to incur high legal costs may seek to obtain a DIY divorce.

Earlier this week, investment banker Dominic Bokor-Ingram agreed an out-of-court settlement with his ex-wife to save money after learning his bonus was far smaller than he had hoped.

His lawyer told the Court of Appeal in London that the pair had initiated and agreed a settlement themselves.

Written by Christopher Evans

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Published on: March 6, 2009

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