Divorce 'costs less than an affair'

As well being fairer on the other partner, a divorce is actually cheaper than conducting an affair, a poll has found.

According to research by OnePoll.com, the average adulterer spends up to £8,000 on an affair.

It was revealed that almost £2,000 is spent on dirty weekends away and over £1,000 goes toward wining and dining mistresses.

A spokesperson for the site, which surveyed two thousand love rats, claims that the poll shows having an affair is a "bad idea on a number of levels".

The representative adds that people are only "cheating themselves" if they think that shelling out such money for a side dish is a worthwhile thing to do.

Furthermore, those who choose the DIY divorce option could save themselves even more money as they do away with the need for a solicitor, making splitting up less expensive and easier.

Written by Christopher Evans

Published on: February 25, 2009

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