Recession and redundancy sees divorces 'rocket'

Experts in the divorce field are claiming that men are rushing to separate after being made redundant.

The Independent reports that the cases of men seeking a divorce after being made redundant are going through the roof because they know the payout will be smaller if they are unemployed.

Vanessa Lloyd-Platt, a leading divorce lawyer, told the newspaper that the first two months of the year are normally busy but she has "never seen anything like this".

"Many have been made redundant and want to rush through a divorce before they get a new job so they might not have to pay out as much. We are seeing an epidemic of that," she added.

Furthermore, psychologist Denise Cedar says that she has seen instances where the male partner being made redundant has made the wife realise that she was only sticking with the marriage because of the lavish lifestyle that they previously enjoyed.

Meanwhile, the Office for National Statistics has suggested that if current trends continue, half of all marriages may end in divorce.

Written by Christopher Evans

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Published on: February 2, 2009

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