Divorce "changes but does not end a family"

An expert has called for divorcing couples to show a united front to help their children through the process.

When two people have decided that the time is right to file for divorce, the time for fighting is over, parent expert and author Sue Jenkins says.

The author believes that during this time parents can feel "Parents often feel confused and bitter - and fearful of what lies ahead.

Ms Jenkins suggests that these emotions can "manifest as animosity which then turns the divorce process into a battle trapping the children in the middle".

She says that parents need to understand that this is a time to make positive changes.

"Remember: divorce changes but does not end a family. Your children are now members of two families," she states.

Graeme Mitchell, managing director of Lowland Financial, agrees and suggests that divorcing couples must cooperate and keep things amicable when it comes to finances.

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Published on: January 29, 2009

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