Divorcing couples 'have no need for lawyers'

It has been claimed that one of the easiest ways to divorce is to keep it amicable, which will keep down costs and negate the need for a lawyer.

Psychotherapist Paula Hall has told MyFinances.co.uk that coping with divorce is difficult but there are a number of ways to uncomplicated things.

She adds that money tends to be the major messy factor, particularly if one party thinks they have grounds for divorce because of infidelity.

"But you have to look at what you have and decide to amicably split. Think how much you need to live on and what you have left and what it is possible to live on," she explains.

Ms Hall suggests that the "nuts and bolts of getting a divorce" are relatively easy if the split is harmonious and "there can be no need for lawyers to get involved".

A DIY divorce kit can help you arrange a quick divorce with minimum fuss and minimum expense - which could be vital in a recession.

Published on: January 26, 2009

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