Eccleston's wife 'could receive £1bn'

It has been claimed that the wife of Bernie Ecclestone could walk away with up to £1 billion in Britain's costliest divorce.

According to the Evening Standard, Ecclestone, 78, is planning to sue his estranged wife Slavica to get back hundreds of millions of pounds held in her name in an offshore account.

The billionaire reportedly received £1.9 billion from the sale of a majority stake in his Formula One business - with the proceeds being held in a Jersey account in Slavica's name.

An unnamed source told the publication: "Bernie may have to sue Slavica to get his money back. She will have to pay him the biggest settlement of all time."

The insider said all the money in her name will have to go into the matrimonial pot.

"This is not the sort of case that should go to court," they added.

Figures these high far outstrip the £45 million that Guy Ritchie is reported to have received following his split from Madonna.

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Published on: January 23, 2009

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