It is "vital" that pensions are in divorce settlements

An independent financial advisor has urged divorcing couples to consider their pension assets.

The value of a pension is often overlooked when it comes to divvying up assets, according to Philip Pearson, an adviser at P&P Invest.

He says it is important that couples seek advice because women in particular are not aware of the presence of rules to make pensions fairer when couples divorce - and men often hold the majority of pension assets

"Very often a pension can have a value greater than that of the matrimonial home," he explained to the Telegraph.

He adds: "It is therefore vital that it is valued accurately and included in the divorce settlement."

Mr Pearson advises that an updated valuation can be obtained directly through the company.

Ruth Whitehead Associates says that in the modern world, women should ensure they have their own pensions and savings in place and not rely on their husband's finances.

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Published on: January 21, 2009

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