More couples 'to consider divorce this week'

This week it seems more and more couples could be thinking about going online and getting themselves a DIY divorce kit.

It has been claimed that increasing concerns about finances and the stresses of the Christmas period could be putting more strain than ever on arguing couples.

Research conduced by found that nearly two million couples in the UK are suffering from marital problems and one in four people say their relationship is under strain because of money problems.

Lawyer James Stewart said: "Christmas brings families together and forces unhappy couples to spend time together, bringing tensions to the fore."

He added: "In my experience many couples hold off divorcing in the run-up to it, as they are under pressure to create a perfect Christmas."

Writing for the Scotsman, lawyer Cath Karlin recently encouraged parents to put their children first if they are thinking about getting divorced.

Published on: January 6, 2009

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