Divorcing parents urged to put children first

Couples who have decided to get divorced have been urged to put their children first this Christmas and to consider their welfare during the break up.

Writing for the Scotsman, Cath Karlin, head of family law at HBJ Gateley Wareing, said that splitting time between parents on Christmas Day can often be very stressful for children.

Instead, parents may like to consider having an alternative Christmas Day on Christmas Eve or Boxing Day.

Likewise, parents should discuss their children's gifts and agree on who is to purchase what to avoid any upset or trying to 'out do' each other.

Ms Karlin added: "By compromising and communicating with each other and remembering that you are still a family, Christmas can be a far happier time than you might otherwise expect."

Last week it emerged that reports of a £60 million divorce settlement between Madonna and Guy Ritchie were exaggerated.

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Published on: December 22, 2008

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