Felder-Civil 'seeks £1m from singer'

The husband of Amy Winehouse is reported to be seeking a £1 million divorce settlement from the singer to prevent him from writing a book about their marriage.

Blake Felder-Civil, who has been in prison for part of the couple's marriage, is said to be looking for a sizeable pay-off after rejecting an offer of £50,000 from Winehouse's father Mitch, the News of the World reports.

Felder-Civil's mother Georgette told the newspaper that the initial offer was derisory.

"Mitch's £50,000 offer was an insult. Amy's worth £10 million and Blake's her husband. He's entitled to at least £3 million after all he’s been through with her," she said.

Felder-Civil told the publication last week that he would not want to profit from a divorce, but a friend of the pop star claimed the statement was "pretence". He claimed that he did not sign a prenuptial agreement.

News that Winehouse might be seeking to divorce her partner emerged last week, after he reportedly did not inform her that he was being released from prison.

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Published on: December 8, 2008

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