Divorcing couples 'disagree over pets'

People may find that they want to consider drawing up their own divorce settlement so they can come to an agreement about what to do with their pets.

According to the Birmingham Post, more and more couples are now regarding their animals as being almost as important as children when it comes to custody issues.

Nigel Mears, partner and head of family law at George Green, said: "This can cause additional emotional tension and trigger bitter arguments as to who will keep a pet or who will meet the cost of the vet bills."

Similarly, the up-keep of a family pet may also help to ensure a stable environment for any children involved in proceedings.

Any couples who are considering a divorce and have pets may find that a DIY divorce from Lawpack can help them to divide up their assets and come to a decision about who is to look after a family animal.

Published on: November 26, 2008

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