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Separation and DIY Divorce

Philippa Pearson; Neill, Clerk & Murray

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  • Grounds for divorce explained
  • Divorce forms
  • Expert guidance manual
  • Solicitor approved

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Valid in England, Wales, Scotland
Price: £19.99
ISBN: 9781907765988
Published: 2017
Valid in England, Wales, Scotland
Price: £19.99
ISBN: 9781909104372
Published: 2017

Looking for a DIY Divorce? This DIY Divorce Kit can show you how to arrange a quick divorce on your own, without the expense of a solicitor.

Splitting up doesn't have to be costly and difficult. You can arrange a quick divorce, with minimum fuss, and absolutely no expensive solicitor fees. This Lawpack Separation and DIY Divorce Kit, and the "Download Now" DIY Divorce eKit, will give you all the instructions and information you need to simply manage your own uncontested divorce.

The Separation and DIY Divorce Kit explains all of the legal and financial issues that are involved in your separation and divorce. From the grounds for divorce to the final decree we take you step-by-step through the divorce process, and provide all the legal forms you will need to arrange your own DIY divorce.

Along the way we offer comforting words of wisdom and more down-to-earth common sense advice on how to best conduct your DIY divorce in the most effective and least painful manner. The Separation and DIY Divorce Kit also contains advice on handling the problematic and tricky practicalities of separation.

If you are wondering if you could handle your divorce without the expense of a solicitor, the Separation and DIY Divorce Kit will help you decide whether this is an appropriate course of action for you. And if it is for you, our DIY Divorce Kit will help you arrange a quick divorce, with minimum fuss and minimum expense. If it isn't right for you, we'll tell you how you can find professional help at a fraction of the usual price, and help you to prepare the information you'll need beforehand to keep costs down.

The Separation and DIY Divorce Kit will tell you:

  • How the divorce process works
  • Who can handle their own divorce
  • What the grounds for divorce are
  • How to obtain a divorce in England, Wales and Scotland
  • What the law says about children and divorce
  • Finances and divorce
  • Practical tips for separation and divorce
  • How to use the legal forms for arranging a divorce that are included in this Separation and DIY Divorce Kit

This Separation and DIY Divorce Kit has been approved by Philippa Pearson, solicitor, under English law, and by Neill Clerk & Murray, solicitors, under Scottish law.

Divorce needn’t be expensive. Let us show you exactly how you can arrange your own DIY divorce using this quick and simple Separation and DIY Divorce Kit.

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Other information

Separation and DIY Divorce Kit Guidance manual contents:

  • Do you really want a divorce?
  • How does the divorce process work?
  • Is a DIY divorce for you?
    - Advantages of representing yourself
    - Do you need a divorce solicitor?
    - Finding a divorce solicitor
    - What should you ask a divorce solicitor?
    - Divorce and Public Funding
  • The grounds for divorce
    - Fact A Adultery
    - Fact B Unreasonable behaviour
    - Fact C Desertion
    - Fact D Two-year separation
    - Fact E Five-year separation
  • How to obtain a DIY divorce in England and Wales
  • How to obtain a DIY divorce in Scotland
    - Simplified Divorce Procedure
    - Ordinary Divorce Procedure
  • Protecting yourself during the divorce
    - Protecting yourself from violence
    - Protecting yourself from harassment
    - Protecting your property
    - Protecting your income and financial security
  • Divorce and your children
    - How to propose child care arrangements to the court
    - When the court is dissatisfied with child care arrangements
    - The Children Act 1989 or Children (Scotland) Act 1995
    - Children who come under court jurisdiction
    - The Child Support Agency
    - Child abduction
    - Guardians appointed under the terms of a Will
  • Financial matters and divorce
    - Interim finances
    - Interim appeals
    - Gathering your financial information
    - Prepare a budget
    - Making a formal financial application
    - Clean breaks and maintenance
    - Property distribution
    - Pensions
    - Reaching agreement on distributing property
    - Mediation
    - Financial orders
    - Costs in financial proceedings
  • After the divorce
    - Post-divorce checklist
    - Contact
    - Periodical payments (maintenance orders)
  • Separation in England and Wales
    - Agreeing the date of separation
    - Practical matters
    - Separation deeds
    - Judicial separation
  • Separation in Scotland
  • A final word on divorce
  • Divorce glossary
  • Useful divorce contacts

Loose-Leaf Divorce Forms included in Kit:

For Divorce in England & Wales and Scotland:

  • Divorce Checklist
  • Household Budget Form
  • Guide to Simple Undefended Divorce in England & Wales
  • Guide to Simplified Divorce Procedure in Scotland

Divorce Forms available as Downloads:

For Divorce in England & Wales:

  • D8 – Divorce/dissolution/(judicial) separation petition
  • D8 Notes – Supporting notes for guidance on completing a divorce/dissolution/(judicial) separation petition
  • D8A – Statement of arrangements for children
  • D11 – Application notice
  • D13B – Statement in support of a request to dispense with service of the divorce/dissolution/nullity/(judicial) separation petition on the Respondent 
  • D36 – Notice of application for decree nisi to be made absolute or conditional order to be made final
  • D80A – Statement in support of divorce/(judicial) separation – Adultery
  • D80B – Statement in support of divorce/dissolution (judicial) separation – Unreasonable behaviour
  • D80C – Statement in support of divorce/dissolution (judicial) separation – Desertion
  • D80D – Statement in support of divorce/dissolution (judicial) separation – 2 years' consent
  • D80E – Statement in support of divorce/dissolution (judicial) separation – 5 years' separation
  • D81 – Statement of information for a consent order in relation to a financial remedy
  • D84 – Application for decree nisi/conditional order or (judicial) separation decree/order
  • EX160 – Application for a fee remission
  • EX160A – Court fees – Do I have to pay them?
  • Form A – Notice of [intention to proceed with] an application for a financial order
  • Form E – Financial statement
  • Form FM1 – Family mediation information and assessment form
  • Form G – Notice of response to First Appointment
  • Form H – Estimate of costs (financial remedy)
  • Form H1 – Statement of sosts (financial remedy)
  • Deed of Separation

For Divorce in Scotland:

  • Application for Exemption of Payment of Court Fee
  • SPA Application for Divorce – Simplified Procedure
  • SPB Application for Divorce – Simplified Procedure
  • Deed of Separation

Use the Updates & Downloads section to:

  • Download forms associated with your Kit
  • Keep up to date with the latest law changes




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