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Deed of Revocation of Power of Attorney

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Cancel a power of attorney in England & Wales with our lawyer-approved Deed of Revocation template form. Includes expert guidance. Available to download instantly.

What is a Deed of Revocation form?

A power of attorney gives someone else responsibility to make decisions for you. Their authority to act continues until the power of attorney is revoked (i.e. cancelled). 

In power of attorney terms, the person who grants (and can revoke) the power of attorney is referred to as the 'Donor' and the person (or persons) who acts on their behalf is known as the 'Attorney'.

You can choose to end an Attorney's responsibility and withdraw the right for them to act on your behalf with a Deed of Revocation form.

When can this Deed of Revocation template be used?

This Deed of Revocation download is suitable for use in England and Wales and can be used by a Donor to cancel:

  • a Lasting Power of Attorney, at any time while the Donor still has mental capacity.

  • an Enduring Power of Attorney, at any time prior to registration of the power of attorney with the Court of Protection and while the Donor is still mentally capable

  • a General Power of Attorney, at any time.

How to revoke a power of attorney

To cancel a power of attorney, this Deed of Revocation template must be signed by the Donor and the Attorney must be informed that their power to act has been revoked.

The Attorney's authority does not cease until they receive notice of the revocation, so a copy of the Deed of Revocation form should be sent to each Attorney. 

You must also demand that the Attorney return the power of attorney to you, to confirm that the power has been revoked.

If you are revoking a Lasting Power of Attorney and it has already been registered with the Office of the Public Guardian, you must send them a copy of the Deed of Revocation form to ask them to remove the Lasting Power of Attorney from the register.

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