New power of attorney fees attract criticism

by Daniel Jones

Plans that could see low earners across the country being charged to register a Lasting Power of Attorney have been criticised, according to one report.

Individuals who earn less than £12,000 per year and do not receive pension credit are currently exempt from paying for registering an LPA, which will no longer be the case.

They will instead be charged at least £60, reports, after the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) deemed the current situation unsustainable.

Stephen Pett, from Allied Professional Will Writers, said that some low earners will simply not have the money to be able to set up an LPA.

"The idea of these rises is to make one of the least efficient civil service functions [OPG] self-funding. Why not just make it more efficient? Why target low earners not high earners?" Mr Pett questioned.

Figures from the OPG show that the current waiting time for establishing a Lasting Power of Attorney stands at 13 weeks.

Published on: September 2, 2011

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